Relief Works

We do it is an hour of evangelism and social action. We are committed to help the people who are in desperate need. We extended our arms to the victims of natural calamities, fire accidents and to the down trodden. As a part of our help to the community we are serving the people. Help in Natural Disasters: We help to the people those effected by natural calamities such as Tsunamis , floods, earth quakes , drought and famine. We support them food , water and cloth and medicines. TAILORING SCHOOL : It is an institution would like to start to help poor girls and widows who are working as servant maids giving them training helping them to stand as their own legs, giving them confidence and self- reliance.Asking God to provide Tailoring tools sets to give such people atleast 1o people per year. AID TO LEPERS : We also extend our help to people who are affected with leprosy; these people are untouchables and not cared by the society living at the extreme ends of the cities. Some Lepers opted to get their food by begging, some are unable even to beg because severity of the disease. They need care and food. In these circumstances we have 30 lepers who are surrounding to our place lepers providing Rice and some food material every month. OLDAGE & WIDOWS HELP : These are the neglected people and not looked by the present generation. This is the much need work in India , Many old aged and widows are on the streets without food and shelter. As there are no proper rehabilitation centers for such people in India by His grace we have been able to support 15 old aged and 30 widows. There are Many more deserving old aged and widows looking for help. We want a tailoring unit for the widows self-employment to lead their families. In the near future we have plans to make shelter for them. Already we have place to build it. We are praying to the Lord to get the required resources from agencies and churches to continue the ministry. We appreciate your prayers. If you are interested to assist this ministry please let us know, we will be glad to contact you.