When I gone through many villages and saw poor children ,orphans being found on roads begging for their lively hood and found that they have no any one to bother about their needs and any one to love them so they found as prostitutes , slaves or child labors and were not paid their wages which let them to suicide become drunkards and thrown out of society. when I saw the injustice and suppressing the downtrodden , caste out people and weaker sections in the society he was moved with compassion and burden heart do something for them physically and spiritually to lift them up. We are in need of a shelter and supporter for orphans to sheltered homely and get protection. For the attacks and harraasement  especially towards the girls . Many unmarried girls  birth to babies of their illegal and throwing the babies in dustbins and roads sides. These children grows and addicted to drugs, sold to prostitutions, made thieves oppressed to do bad. Such children had no parental care, love  and moral teaching  while others do. So in this area we are in need of this orphanage please take this to your heart.