About us

7Family OUR CHARITY NO - 010170295 Pastor Samuel S. Chatla (48) was born on 6th Feb 1969, at Rajahmundry, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, S. India. My forefathers were an idolaters . I don't know about God and salvation At my teenage I was broght up in a slum , my cast is lower cast in the indian castcism, my grand parents were idolators,  my parents were servents of God experienced many trails and agonies in their lives in the ministry, we children experienced starvation , famine and draughts in our lives,  my mother expired in her 40 because of starvation I lost my mother at my 9 years old . I was brought up with no parental love and nobody was there to afford my studies. I studied my primary school .. I was completed my batchlor of Arts degree in 1991 with the help of my friends,I thought to do my post graduation in Anthropology and do Doctrate in the prominent university in our state. when I am trying for jobs I attend to a gospel meeting , a  Pastor was preaching on Rom 6:23 and Mat 11:29 in a public meeting , he spoke about my miserable life as if he knows me before and preaching about me , he was speaking on redemption and emphasised in his sermon there is life and future is in christ alone . I was caught up by God by that sermon I felt that God si speaig with me, that Very night I  submitted my life to God , then I start reading Bible and was going church .  I became a believer of Christ He became my friend, and Father to me, I was baptized on 10-10-1991 .  I decided to go and learn the word more and went to theological seminary and I did my Bathchlor of Theology in the period of 1993- 97. Now I, and my wife Jyothi in the ministry of God since 1995, walking in the will of God, I am pastoring in three churches and establishing other churches in new places. having other activities added and focusing on it's development for the extension of His kingdom. We established church in East godavari in the state of Andhra Pradesh , we started church in odisha which is our nighbouring state with the migrated believers. There are my friends working in Odisha state. Many times I gone through starvation in my days. lack of clothes and my wife too, as we experienced trails and troubles and starvation in our childhood and in ministry , as we are praying for many homeless and hunger people in our country God laid a burden in our hearts  to start a mission to serve them and to have care for poor, orphans, widows, homeless and pastors and evangelists , and sick people. I prayed and started mission "Christ Compassion Care Ministries" Registered No:216/2008 which is govern by a board of anointed men and women who love the lord and have a vision for world missions. This is a faith ministry . We were dedicated to serve the destitute those dying with physical and spiritual hunger and to proclaim the salvation of the lord, His glory among in the south east Indian villages and His wonders among all people". My wife Jyothi  partaker in the ministry and it's improvement .She was a convert from Hindu family she was studied and baptized in missionary school brought up in an orphanage due to the split of family and tragic situations occur in her life she gone through utter most experience as an orphan and also she saw the sufferings of other orphan children along with her who lacks love of parents, care and protection, encouragement. She was seeded in her heart to establish an orphanage for the upliftment of the orphan children . She always pray that " I should be somebody who cares and found by the needy and orphans to be cared". So pastor Samuel and Jyothi gone through all these experiences and came forward with the dedicated lives in fulfilling the task "Christ Compassion Care Ministries" is the result of this divine call and commission . Pastor Samuel and my wife Jyothi  want to do Support and feed the orphans and destitute,  as we gone through many trials and pathatic condions in family and ministry as a pastor and evangelist , we want to support needy pastors families  and they want to start orphanage saving, school, homes for old and widows and health care centers in villages and for villagers. we are seeking for our Mission the moral and financial supporters to part-take with them in their lives and ministry .